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FEOM Skin Analyzer




General description:

  • Automatic positioning and automatic area calibration: ensure the accuracy of each measurement position and avoid manual positioning errors
  • Photosensitive membrane: provide the same light source at any angle at any time to ensure the accuracy and shortening of the procedure
  • Improved data display: Pore analysis is scientifically refined in size and depth to avoid calculation errors caused by size-only analysis, without depth.
  • Direct connection to a computer: Mass data storage, providing customers with longer periods for storing and comparing data
  • Dual light source: Provides brightness of a light source, provides sharpness and shortening of the procedure

Three light sources:

  1. ordinary light allows you to analyze pores, wrinkles, elasticity and skin tone
  2. polarized light makes it possible to analyze vessels and capillaries
  3. Ultraviolet allows you to analyze skin fat and pigmentation
The skin hydration analyzer allows you to analyze hydration

AI mining

3D Skin Surface Treatment Formula

2D image of the skin surface is displayed in 3D using an automatic calculation formula

  • Pixel blurring technology allows you to effectively see the depth of pores and wrinkles.
  • Provides a color map, a map of irregularities, etc. to clearly represent skin problems.


Measures not only the size, but also the depth of the pores

Selection Method It is easy to highlight the depth of pores and skin folds on general light images taken using the ISM technique. Just a very small or large area of the skin is highlighted and scars are excluded, and only pixel data defined as pores are extracted.


Selection Method Wrinkles come in different lengths and depths, like canyons. There are wrinkles around the eyes, on the cantus, on the forehead. With the help of an independently developed algorithm, it is possible to accurately measure the length and angle of even the thinnest wrinkles.

Nasolabial folds

Obvious and dark wrinkles.

Selection Method With age, the skin on the cheeks sags, and a shadow (dark wrinkle) forms under the flabby skin. In severe cases, this can develop into non-smoothing wrinkles. The analysis can not only highlight obvious wrinkles, but also significantly reduce dark wrinkles.


The pores also sag as the elasticity of the skin decreases.

Selection Method With age, the pores change from rounded to oval. Then, adjacent pairs are connected and acquire a linear shape; the elasticity value is calculated from the linear length and angle.


Selection Method Polarized images that exclude skin texture are suitable for observing pigmentation. Only the pigmented part stands out from the whole skin, which does not affect the measurement of skin brightness. The melanin of the skin is highlighted in the image in ultraviolet light.

Skin fat, porphyrin

Skin fat glows in ultraviolet light, while skin fat with porphyrin glows orange.

Selection Method Method Ordinary skin fat + porphyrin skin fat is considered a general skin fat. The proportion of porphyrin skin fat is its proportion in all of the skin fat. A high ratio of porphyrins indicates that there are a lot of P.Acne bacteria in the sebum, which can most likely be the cause of acne and inflammation. * Method for calculating the porphyrin ratio (Amount of porphyrin sebum) / (Total amount of sebum) × 100 = Porphyrin ratio (%)

Skin tone

Analysis of the brightness of each part and numerical representation of the homogeneity as a whole.

Extraction and analysis method In a general light image, after the brightness value is derived by analyzing the RGB of each pixel in the analysis area, the number of pixels in the synthesis area will be displayed as the skin color analysis area brightness. The extracted RGB is converted to Lab color coordinates, which can be used in various fields. In addition, the Lab converts the values of the individual angle of typology to classify the levels of UV-sensitive skin.


Everyone's skin color as well as skin redness is different.

Selection Method You may observe that the nose area has the most redness. Using a self-developed algorithm for highlighting redness, in the field of general analysis, normal skin contrasts with reddened skin. Enhances the image highlighted in red tones, suitable for capturing tiny shades of blush on the face.


Test method Checks for moisture on the skin surface. Consequently, it will be influenced by external environmental factors. When the two electrodes of the tip of the moisture meter come into contact with the skin, the difference in the electrostatic capacity, depending on the moisture content causes a difference in its calculation.


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