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Smas lifting device INFIUTH

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  • Non-surgical deep lifting at the level of the muscular-aponeurotic layer
  • Perfect clear contours of the face without age-related changes and ptosis using high-intensity focused ultrasound
  • Ultrasonic scanning system
  • The desired effect is achieved in just 1-2 sessions and lasts from 6 months to 3 years
  • Eliminates drooping eyelids, sagging cheeks, flabbiness of the face, double chin, deepening of the nasolabial folds

Smas lifting device INFIUTH





SMAS lifting is a unique tool of modern cosmetology for achieving a quick and pronounced rejuvenating effect without incision and excision of the skin. FD-Cosmetic presents the HIFU device for SMAS skin lifting. The non-invasive lifting technology has gained popularity due to its high performance, long-term effect, atraumaticity and the possibility of using all year round. глубина воздействия There is a rule in traditional cosmetology: the more aggressive the rejuvenation procedure, the more pronounced the effect, but SMAS lifting is an exception in this sense. The results of deep ultrasonic lifting can be compared with the results of a successful surgical facelift. You can maintain beauty and youth for many years, without sacrifice. The SMAS lifting is safe, easy to perform and does not require a recovery period. You can even do it during your lunch break. The cost of ultrasonic SMAS lifting is much lower than the prices of plastic surgeons. воздействие на структуру кожи

The advantages of the HIFU-INFIUTH technology

One of the most modern international methods of anti-aging skin treatment is HIFU. Thanks to the HIFU-INFIUTH technology, the energy reaches SMAS depth of 4.5mm and promotes muscle tightening. The impact provides the necessary effect of tension, compression and formation of muscle tissue. At the depth of 3 mm, ultrasound stimulates collagen production. It restores skin elasticity, rejuvenates it, removes pigmentation, wrinkles, and reduces pores. зоны воздействия

The effect of deep ultrasonic SMAS lifting:

  • elimination of wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, mouth;
  • lifting, tightening the skin on the cheekbones;
  • increased skin elasticity and the formation of a clear facial contour;
  • correction of the jaw line, reduction of "puppet lines";
  • lifting the eyebrow line, tightening the skin on the forehead;
  • improved complexion - the skin becomes thinner and brighter;
  • solving the problem of aging - combined with "beauty injections" with collagen, hyaluronic acid;
  • elimination of wrinkles on the neck and protection against signs of aging.

The advantages of the HIFU machine:

The advantages of the deep ultrasonic SMAS lifting using the HIFU-INFIUTH machine include the following: The SASS safe automatic sensor system detects the depth and interval of each operation, which guarantees the high accuracy of the procedure. Пример воздействия HIFU-INFIUTH provides the same distance between small-sized treatment points. This guarantees safety for the skin and painlessness of the impact. Analogues of HIFU technology, released in China, have large and randomly located treatment points, which causes pain and damages the skin. The technology has been tested (over 20,000 times) for the quality of the shots and clinical trials, which confirmed its operation without failures and deviations from the depth of impact. The device is equipped with two nozzles (3 and 4.5 mm), which help to precisely adjust the depth of processing. The device has a thermal effect on the collagen fibers in the skin, the subcutaneous fat layer and the SMAS layer. Treatment results outperform the THERMAGE technique. There is no recovery period. After the session, you can resume your daily activities. The device is simple and easy to operate. Привер действия аналогов Хифу FD-Cosmetic clients can arrange delivery worldwide. They can also take advantage of warranty and post-warranty service, receive free training in operating the equipment, and benefit from an individually developed marketing strategy for the implementation of the equipment.


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